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Your passport to the life you were born to live.

A reading will clarify how you tick and show you how you click with others.



A Human Design reading will give you the Strategy and empower you to live from your Authority.
Here we have a tool that will bring your everyday life into alignment with your true self.

Join the evolution of consciousness and free yourself to live the greatest you that you can be!


The Human Design System integrates four ancient esoteric wisdom systems: the Chakra System (as evolving beings we work with 9 centers today), Astrology, the IíChing (extraordinary similarity to DNA) and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (has also correlation to the Tarot).
In bringing these ancient systems of wisdom together and linking them with Quantum Physics and the modern sciences, we come to understand the mechanics of the uniqueness in every human being.

RA URU HU is the transmitter of this wonderful science, and if you feel compelled to study the Human Design there is much information available on the web and you can also find many free resources.

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