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 Essentially Me collection:


 Skin Food and Wellness Spray

 'Essentially Me Skin Food' is a therapeutic nourishing essence for your skin

 designed to create a Healing Wellness.

 Essentially Me Skin Food


Essentially Me Skin Food Balance


 Root Chakra - activates primal life forces

 Sacral Chakra - activates desire, passion and creativity

 Solar Plexus Chakra - activates confidence and personal power

 Heart Chakra - activates compassion and love

 Throat Chakra - activates communication and expression

 Third Eye Chakra - activates intuition and visions

 Crown Chakra - activates pure consciousness and knowledge beyond intellect


 Chakra System Skin Food 

 Essentially Me Wellness Spray


  Essential Me Wellness Spray 

  All products contain Bach Flower remedies and essential oils.

  For questions about Bach Flower remedies contact:



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