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The New Millennium Collection 

Painted and printed Ties as a medium of communication...  

Choose one below for inspiration or describe your own... e-mail mail.gif (1084 bytes)

writing_a.jpg (38695 bytes)Irene in because there is more 2.jpg (10782 bytes)  Irene

 Woo Jung

Keri in forms and color play together.jpg (22592 bytes)abstract_c.jpg (32239 bytes)  Marcienne

Tse Wang

abstract_e.jpg (34053 bytes)

Group ties w/common color or design theme

Carlos in subtle, yet elegant 2.jpg (28470 bytes)abstract_d.jpg (18252 bytes) Carlos

    Birgit and Patricia  

Aram Jeet in Just Imagine.jpg (44811 bytes)music.jpg (35295 bytes) Aram Jeet

Irene in water-liquid gold.jpg (16217 bytes)water_a.jpg (22841 bytes) Irene

Shangi in forever a symbol of life...jpg (10998 bytes)forever_a_symbol_of_life.jpg (97706 bytes)  Shangi

Hermann in rainbow.jpg (53806 bytes) Hermann and Arielle  

wit Sheryl-playing with color and form.jpg (25383 bytes)abstract_a.jpg (58575 bytes) Sheryl

  Ghazla with Saba

collage style tie - any design and style for your special gifts and/or occasions...

your QR code on a tie to be scanned with any smart phone...

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