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     2015 Click here to see my line of Homemade-Designer-Cookies


     2012 hatching life...stay tuned...


     WINTER 2011/2012

     64 Life Cards - Throat chakra video on youtube    


     FALL 2010/2011

     64 Life Cards - Root Chakra series radio interviews

     available on demand: click here to listen


     Fall 2010


     walsoriginals at the ETSY store:

     Welcome to the evolution!


       Spring/ Summer 2010

        Sing Your Heart Song radio listen here for our treasure chest of tools from the Sanctuary of Creativity


        Spring 2010    

     Sanctuary of Creativity - Next Top Author


     Winter 2009/2010

     I AM - 64 Life Cards




     Fall 2009:    

        'dance me to the end of love...'

     'EMBRACE YOUR SHADOW' & make things happen...    

     For "Sanctuary of Creativity" workshops call 516 374 6679


     Summer 2009:

         Love Dance


     Spring/Summer 2009:

     64 Life Cards - Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra videos are viewable on youtube

         Golden Ratio


   Winter 2008/09: 

    64 Life Cards - Sacral Chakra - video segment is on youtube


   Fall 2008:

   64 Life Cards  'Evolving Consciousness' the movie

    Root Chakra premiers at the Social Cinema Festival in October - LB, NY

   Summer 2008: WEA group exhibit "Freedom"

   almost paradise

  Spring 2008: WEA group exhibit "Fools"   


  Mr. Simpleton                                    galactic stratosphere

  Winter 2008: "New Beginnings" WEA group exhibit in Long Beach NY

     Jayden emerging                                 

  "Sanctuary of Creativity" workshop series at the IHCLB

Reconnect to your Creative Spirit/Adult Art Studio - call 516 889 0832

Fall 2008:

Colors of Long Beach - Art Expo - Mandala painting

All Artists Party 

Summer 2007: "Journey" Exhibit at the IHCLB in Long Beach, NY

Spring 2007: "Seasons of the Soul" Group exhibit Freeport, NY

miracles happen

Winter 2006/07 WEA Exhibit: "Celebration of Light" Long Beach


Fall 2006: "Open See" at Henri Bendel 5th Ave New York

Summer 2006: "Art a la carte'" at the Youth Centers East and West in LB


"From Sandbar to City" Exhibit at the Long Beach Historical Museum

civitas ad mare

May 2006: Fine Art Exhibit and auction to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the German-American Cultural Council at the Chelsea Manor, East Norwich, NY

Curators: Wal Achmueller and Bill Hetzler

May 2006: Long Island Film Festival:  Featured in "Long Island Artists Habitat" a   documentary film of Long Island artists who live their art as integral parts of their lives - by film makers   Alexandra Karafinas and Barry Rivadue.



  April 2006:    2006 WEA event NY


  January 2006: Artist of the Month at the Integrative Healing Center in Long Beach NY


  america                               blue nude                              

  October 2005: "Symphony in Blue" at the LichtBlickStudios NY


  August 2005: WEA Artists of the Month Exhibit in Long Beach NY

  64 Life Cards and Women in Ties


  June 2005: Exhibit at the LichtBlickStudios NY


   Humanity will shine        Healing

   inspired by "The Gates, New York, Central Park 1979-2005" Christo and Jeanne-Claude

   May 2005: Exhibit and Event "COLORS OF LONG BEACH" 2005


  •      WORKSHOP: "Painting on Silk"

    • Learn therapeutic techniques of painting on silk.
      Painting on silk goes far back and has its origins in ancient china.
      Some silk art has been traced back in literature to the Chou Dynasty. Today, painting on silk is a wide spread activity - strongly used in the textile and design industry. It has found many hobbyist lovers due to its multiple uses and possibilities for each creativity.

      Learn to create functional items painted on silk.

    To reserve your space contact:

    this workshop is ongoing and featured in different places                                  

    Hewlett-Woodmere Adult Education department at 516 374 8165

    Integrative Healing Center in Long Beach 516 889 0832

    other workshops presently offered: "Sanctuary of Creativity" series



   Painting on Silk IHCLB           Collage JASA LB (for Seniors 60+)

    "Solar fest" in NY - Interactive demo on Mandalas


    and @ the 20th Annual Music & Art Festival in Breezy Point, NY

    Serving up Inspiration... Group Exhibit @ Casa Angelica - Long Beach NY 


    Long Beach NY : "Artists among us" demo "Painting on Silk"



     Fine Art Show in Long Beach, NY with West End Arts @ the  Kennedy Plaza   


     Personal Vision of WEST END ARTS @ FOYER ART GALLERY  in  Freeport, NY


    HAVEN ART  - Port Washington, NY - SOLO EXHIBIT: "TIES"  



     "Painting on SILK" with elaboration on "Flow" and "Creative Self-Expression"        



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